This morning we took delivery of our first Boeing 787-9 – known as the “Dash-Nine.”  The Dreamliner is the world’s most modern commercial aircraft and the larger 787-9 version’s greater range and capacity will enable Air Canada to further expand its international network. From its oversize windows to a turbulence-offsetting design affording a smoother ride, this new Dreamliner has much in common with its cousin, the Boeing 787-8 – and a few key differences.

Air Canada B787-9

Design Essentials

The Boeing 787-9 is longer by six metres than its predecessor, sporting the same medium widebody airframe, twin-aisle configuration and long, shapely wings.

Roomier Fit

The Boeing 787-9 and Boeing 787-8 both feature the industry’s first carbon-composite body, but the Dash-Nine, with its extended length, fits more passengers and carries more cargo.

Long-Haul Advantage

The Boeing 787-9 ranges 518 miles (833 km) farther – or about an hour longer in flight – than the Boeing 787-8. Both aircraft are ideal for flying long-haul.