blogpost_ENAir Canada has a long history of carrying Team Canada to the Olympic and Paralympic Games around the world, proudly flying athletes so that they can spread their wings on the world stage. We are honoured to see them off, welcome them home, and keep them connected to Canada at every step of their journey. We have this privilege once again with the 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. As official airline of Team Canadaand bearer of the maple leaf—we take this responsibility to heart.

Throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Air Canada will Fly the Flag—our mantra for the responsibility we all have to bring the best of Canada to the world. We invite all Canadians to join us and #FlyTheFlag in support of our athletes, cheering them on, sharing in their success, and proudly clearing the runway as they climb the podiums of Rio.


Let’s show the world the values, drive and passion that come with being Canadian.

The ambition demonstrated by our athletes is emblematic of Canada’s role as a leading global player. With every flight, we share Team Canada’s unrelenting ambition and commitment to greatness––a commitment that extends to the over 150,000 passengers who choose to fly with us every day. All 28,000 Air Canada employees are proud to be part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and support Team Canada on the world stage.