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Now and Then: Air Canada’s Flight Attendant Uniforms

Now and Then: Air Canada’s Flight Attendant Uniforms

A sneak peek at flight attendant uniforms across two eras. The early TCA flight attendant uniforms were designed by flight attendant Lucile Garner Grant, and custom-made in English wool gabardine by Vancouver’s foremost tailor. More functional than flirty, the beige two-button gabardine suits were meant to “remind passengers more of the girl next door, rather […] Continue reading →
The Frequent Flyer: Joe Jackman

The Frequent Flyer: Joe Jackman

Each month, one of Air Canada’s Super Elite members shares travel memories and tips. Successful companies that have been built on seemingly unassailable brands can often falter when those brands stall. And at critical moments, when reviving a business seems to call for no less than the wholesale renewal of customers’ experience of a brand, […] Continue reading →

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When do pilots get to rest during long haul flights?
What is required of the cabin crew when they are asked to “Cross Check” on landing and takeoff?

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